Short iOS 5 wish list

Tomorrow is the day for the much anticipated keynote for Apple's World Wide Developer conference. Unlike past keynotes this one has a hint of an agenda that has been published by Apple.

I've seen a number of good write-ups with some hopes for iOS 5 and what folks are hoping for. My hopes are a bit simpler than most of these. I have two things that would make a world of difference for iOS 5.

Item number one is cloud-sync. It's time we move past the Palm OS technology of the 1990's and move into the age of the internet and start being able to meaningfully sync iOS devices wirelessly.

Item number two is to add the ability for Safari and other apps to access photos for upload. Until apps can universally and easily access photos and upload them to websites the photo capture and storage facilities of iOS are little more than toys. It's time some equity comes to the iPad and make it possible to do as much for photos as one can do with Garage Band.




Agreed! The photos are definitely a problem. Simple things like being able to respond to a SMS from a locked screen would make a non-jailbroken iPhone much better.


In this day an age it's hard to believe we are not connecting these devices wirelessly to our desktops. I look forward to the day technologies meld and our computer is the data center that effortlessly connects wirelessly to all of our electronics.