Farewell comments

For quite some time I have been thinking about how to make sites that are more useful and better assembled. No this is not a post-CMS look how we're managing content like it is 1995 post. But how to best put together sites that have services that the site or a small group of sites consume. The Distributed Blocks module in Drupal is a piece of this that I have batted around with several folks much brighter than me (I don't have any experience with the Distributed Blocks module or involvement in it's creation just an example of the sort of distributed SaaS solution I've envisioned.)

At any rate while I was doing some work on this site today I was facing the problem of what to do with commenting. The comments here haven't been used in a long time for anything but an attempt to spam the site. In the typical flow of things there are waves of time when spammers overwhelm or come up with a new technique to get past the excellent Mollom service. Over the last few years I've removed far more spam posts than there have been meaningful additions.

So when considering what to do it became clear that it was more productive to remove comments and focus on getting things done. There are plenty of ways to provide feedback and thoughts anyway so for now comments are gone. They might return someday. They might not.