More alike than they know

Yesterday afternoon was time to go "upsize" the skis for the kids. Owing to scheduling conflicts it became two separate trips. Earlier in the day the middle one went, along with her younger non-skiing sister, and later in the day the eldest went.

When I picked up the eldest from her after-school YMCA program she told me she wanted "pink or purple" skis. And that she wanted to take half-day, not full-day, lessons this year. When it came time to ask for what she wanted my normally chatty daughter is very modest and doesn't want to speak up. With a little prodding she told the sales person what she wanted and he proceeded to show her three pairs of pink and purple skis. Knowing her love of butterflies and seeing the third pair with it's pink and purple butterflies I was certain I knew what she'd pick.

I was certainly wrong. Without a moment's hesitation she picked the first pair she had seen. As the ticket was being written up I looked at her younger sister's pick to see that they had picked the same skis and same boots.