Oh the writing

Back to school time means lots of writing. Not so much for the grade-school kids, their turn will come but for parents. And it's not the sort of writing one does with a keyboard.

On the eve of a new school year it is the parents who do the writing. Our daughter's teacher had a great idea of having a note for each of the four days this first week and how the child was getting home. Also on each note was the emergency contact, all on a small note that could be kept with the child. A great idea for sure. But man oh man did it highlight just how infrequently I write long-hand these days. Combine that with the added fine-motor insult of not having my own pen which rolls easier and the day ended with a cramped hand to be sure.

One day soon even many of these routine writing tasks may well be done on the keyboard but until then each August as the new school year rolls around parents will get a taste of good old fashioned writing.