Music stores closing up shop

So another music store is closing and a competitor is up for sale. Not a new story by any means. Generally I have been unsympathetic knowing that the recording industry has brought the problems on itself. They have not figured out that iTunes and the other online stores will win out. Some few labels still think that they can force cd sales by keeping artists off iTunes music store. However, this story about Fort Collins record shops closing and being sold made me a little sad. The Finest is up for sale "while it still has some value". That's too bad it was one of the few record stores that was really likable. Local, new and used, and people who were easy to talk to. All traits that the big boxes lacked. This will be one record shop I'll actually miss although I haven't been there in years. And therein lies the problem. The last time I was in a record store was when Tower Records went out of business. Oh and if you think I'm going in to WalMart just to buy a Garth Brooks album.... think again.

Apple's Complete My Album is good but not enough

Apple, Inc. today introduced Complete My Album which allows users of iTunes Music Store to be credited the purchase price of the single tracks they've bought from an album when purchasing the album. “Music fans can now round out their music collections by upgrading their singles into complete albums with just one click, and get full credit for those songs they have previously purchased from iTunes,” said Eddy Cue, Apple’s vice president of iTunes.

He goes on with the expected statements about how great this is. It is, however, pretty good and not great. What would be great is if the music companies would pull their heads out of the sandbank they're building and realize that they should make it easy for people to buy songs and provide incentives for people to buy songs when they have one or two songs from an album that they didn't buy from iTunes. In this way the industry could start to turn the whole of music sharing into a marketing tool. Instead of getting their heads in the game the music industry seems to be set on repeating the failure of print media. Perhaps some day the industry will wake up and realize it's 2001 already.

New flute

While visiting Red Rocks yesterday I added a new flute to my collection. It is a beautiful Double Eaglet fro Great Bald Eagle Creations. The Tiger Maple construction is beautiful and the higher range of the flute is a beautiful compliment to the alto flutes in my collection. The Double Eaglet is similar in construction to the Together Forever Eagle Vision flute pictured with eaglet fetishes instead of the pair of eagles.

Napster - a tax on people who failed math

In the hallway at the math department at Colorado State University there was a bumper sticker stating that a lottery is a tax on people who failed math. When I stop laughing histerically at the positioning by the folks at Napster that's the feeling I'm left with. Napster is a tax on people who failed math. It reminds me of the time last month when Creative and Dell's folks were disparaging the iPod shuffle. They have grown very quiet as the sales of the tiny player have soared.

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