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The never-ending Register Fly problem

Having waited a few months longer than the required 90-days for keeping a domain with a new registrar it is time to be done with RegisterFly. If you've read this site for a while you may recall problems I've had with Register Fly. On the other hand Go Daddy has been a pretty good service. They lack a couple of features, like DNS wildcards, but are pretty good otherwise and I can live with the limitations.

Of course no Register Fly transaction would be complete without hang-ups. They don't want to provide the authorization code necessary for moving .org and .info domains. At no point have they said "no" but they don't respond at all. The picture in this post shows the lack of response from the supposed 24/7 live chat support. To top everything off of course there is one domain where the authorization email won't go through. And of course it is a domain I use and have owned for more than a decade. I'll be quite happy to be rid of the terrible eNom reseller. All of this does make one wonder that an ICANN accredited registrar is willing to continue to allow a reseller to besmirch their name.

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