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Gmail as lifesaver

For several years I've been a big user of Google Apps. All my email routes to Google's servers and with the great IMAP functionality I've considered myself fortunate not to need to run email servers much anymore.

A few weeks ago I moved from using the powerful Apple Mail and MailActOn combination to using the Google web interface. While I still sync up with IMAP every day or so and will continue to use Mail both for offline access (though this seems to be coming along in Gmail) and some advanced features like integration with iLife and other apps, Gmail has a few features that Apple Mail can't match.

One of the big features is an addition to the labs tab in Gmail which provides a seemingly simple "Send & Archive" button.


Updating old content

Readers subscribed to the RSS version of this site have seen several articles from before 1998 appear in the feed this morning. While doing a routine (if not frequent enough) check using Google's Webmaster tools, I discovered that there was some old content that had never been migrated into the content management system. A few minutes later and they were all imported. If you want a trip down memory lane check out the notes section from the old site. It was fun to see some of this old content and remember just how far we've come.

It does bring up a feature request for Drupal, however. It would be nice to have a way to add blog posts and selectively not have them appear in the RSS feed. This way when older updates are made they don't plaster readers' feed readers with tips on how to work with ten year old software.

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