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Of Google and Microsoft

I just finished The Google Story and it is great. The look into the way a company can run is invigorating and the focus on the Google Economy is also interesting. Following that read which ends with a look at how Microsoft is responding to the Google threat it is ironic to go back and read the Microsoft attack on Google from a few months ago. The difference in the companies becomes clear in the contrast of Google's attempt to democratize information and Microsoft's attempts to keep it contained. Or it could be more a ploy to help keep attention focused away from a failed operating system release.


Seth Godin's post gave me a good laugh this morning. If only Redmond's copy machines could copy a product introduction. Or maybe they copy the intro as well as they copy the product.

End of an era

Last week there was an article in CIO Today about bad press for Microsoft as it appears Redmond is shutting out other security software vendors in favor of their internal software.

"Security software vendor Symantec claimed this week that Microsoft is withholding information about its new Vista operating system in an attempt to create an unfair advantage for its own security Relevant Products/Services from MessageLabs software," the article said.

The first few months of 2007 will be a tumultuous time in the tech world for sure. It seems Cupertino's Apple Computer is well suited to make leaps and bounds gains on its Redmond competition. Vista, which Microsoft now says will ship in January 2007, will ship years behind OS X which already has a far more complete feature set and the power of being UNIX-Based behind it. Long-time Windows will be faced with plenty of hardware that doesn't work and the need to upgrade.

When they go looking they'll find that the same company that makes their iPod has a great new operating system all their own with a lot of great features and the ability to keep running Windows XP or Windows Vista at the same time. The real question will be, can Apple keep up with the demand?

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