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Accessory apartments for Clark County?

The Clark County Commission will consider a change to the county's land-use code, Title 30, allowing accessory apartments in several single-family residential areas. Accessory apartments would be limited to 30% of the square footage of the main residence and in the urban and suburban areas could not exceed 1000 sq. ft. In rural areas the maximum size, also limited to 30% of the main residence, is 2000 sq. ft.

In rural areas the accessory apartment can be the building that was originally the primary residence but the accessory apartment cannot be rented or leased until the principal residence is occupied by the property owner. A condition of the accessory apartment proposal would require that the property owner occupy either the primary residence or accessory apartment and that a deed restriction be placed on the deed listing and acknowledging the conditions of the accessory apartment provision.

Happy Anniversary

There is something great about having April 1st as the anniversary of employment in my current job. Today has proven to be just one computer calamity after another. Compound a systems that perform marginally and string it together with duct tape and low and behold there are sometimes train wrecks.

Battling the frustration I set out to grab a bite for lunch and learned that Rebel Subs the convenient not Subway shop across the street is no more. Drat. Having set my stomach on meatball sub I went for the banal meatball subs that Subway can churn out from any of their sub-approximating factories in storefronts across the country. 10% discount proclaims the sign out front. It doesn't say that is only if you don't get a "already discounted" meal. Oh and they don't take the sub-club cards and so on....

Places to avoid

Perhaps I should start a list of places to avoid. These are businesses that don't understand customers. For several months I'd regularly shopped at an ARCO station at the corner of Paradise Road and Tropicana Avenue. Tonight there was a new sign on the pump saying credit cards had to go inside to pay. If I'll pay the ATM-tax imposed by the station owners I can pay at the pump, if not I have to go inside.

It seems this is probably to get more customers to use the ATM instead of the credit card function of the pump and to shift the costs from the profitable company to the individual consumer. With a little good luck the plan will fail, however. In my case at least, they have gone from a customer spending a few hundred dollars a month at their store to a non-customer. I'll gladly stop a block away and not have the hassle of going inside to pay.

Snow in Las Vegas

Reports are that it is snowing up to two inches in Las Vegas. Around UNLV and the airport it is not so snowy as it is just wet and cold. Here are a few quick pictures from the camera phone this morning.

Cowboy Christmas

We spent the last couple of days at the various Cowboy Christmas shows in Las Vegas. It is amazing how difficult these places make it to find information. There is a Cowboy Marketplace at the Mandalay Bay convention center. There are ads on plenty of taxi cabs in Vegas, but not a single page on their website says a word about it.

So I'll say a word about it. Skip it. The Ariat Country Christmas at the Sands Expo Convention Center is great. There's something for everybody and some great booths. The Marketplace, however, is more of the home shopping informercial in 3D than anything truly western. Sure there are some of the herbalist quacks at other places, but they, along with the massage pillows and food-processor sales make up most of the booths at the Marketplace.

The Capital Grille

I went to a Cancer Society fundraiser at the soon to open Las Vegas Capital Grille last night. The selection was wine (including a wonderful Chardonay) and heavy appetizers. There was a nearly endless selection of sea food dishes, including wonderful (and huge) shrimp, crab, salmon and oysters. On the meat side was a rather plain turkey and a stellar pork. Notably absent was any hint of the signature steak. The service was good, though there are still kinks to be worked out. It took several tries for the requested water to make it to the table. There were also some tomato and mozzarella on toast. Although it smelled a bit of cheese, it had absolutely no flavor. None. Not a bit. All and all it will be a wonderful restaurant. Though it was a bit ironic to sit in a wonderful restaurant and look out on the "Bikini Electronic Bull Riding" sign on the Frontier casino.


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