What a world

An interesting world we live in. - Adam Curry: "It's interesting to examine a culture that mounts cameras on smart bombs to view the kill on the 6 o'clock news, but freaks out if a nipple of a [female] breast is flashed on TV." via ;&;&;">Scripting News.


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sex versus violence

I find myself agreeing with your comment as a few weeks ago was talking with some European friends and they mentioned the same thing regarding American cultures acceptance of violence is quite normal and "anything", even a mother nursing a baby in public, as beyond the norm and needing to be surpressed.

It is nothing for an entire family to disrobe and wade in lakes in public parks in Germany. And yet, friends here raise the point that somehow a child seeing a parent naked would be scared for life. But, we lead the world in eating disorders and poor body image.

I'm not certain if it has something to do with our conquering of the New World where violence was an everyday event and almost necessary to survival in untamed regions or what... But, it does make one ponder the fact we never seem to tire of endless killings (both fictional and real) and the more gore the better. On the other hand, if there is the presentation of a body part we are given the message we should look away or question why we are seeing it at all.