Privileged Communication?

An email list I'm on ends every message (well really only some of them as the list server is not set up properly):

All e-mail sent through XXXXXXXXX's e-mail lists is considered privileged and confidential, and is intended only for the individuals or entities named above.

I wonder how many people believe there is some sort of actual weight to this boiler plate disclaimer. 'lectlaw defines privileged quite well. The definition includes the important fact that "to qualify for privileged status, communications must generally be made in a private setting." Therefore any e-mail sent to a mailing list is not privileged.

More disconcerting than the misapplication of the language is that a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization finds it necessary to attempt to hide their communications from the public.


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Desert rain

Dawn was nearly clear. A few puffy clouds spotted the edges of the valley. By mid-morning the cloud cover had become pretty solid. Hours later, the density of the cloud cover convinced the dusk-dawn timer on the outside lights that dusk arrived at 2:00