Celebration of life

This week has been a whirl wind tour. Six states in the last seven days. First we were off to Las Vegas a week ago for a family wedding. It was a very nice wedding at the little old west chapel on the southern end of The Strip. From there a quick trip to California, back through Nevada for a whirlwind visit with my parents and then Arizona, Utah and Colorado. Yesterday I left and came to Kansas for a business trip and to a friend's wedding. A more traditional church ceremony this time. I'll get some of the pictures posted tomorrow.

The weddings have been a wonderful time of seeing old friends and family as well as meeting new friends. It's a wonderful celebration of life and love and one of the most perfect celebrations of a person's life. Congratulations to all the newly weds and may your lives be filled with peace and joy.

As I've been on the road I've been doing a lot of thinking about an essay I started last week. I hope to publish it in the next few days. The basic premise that weblogs are roughly the equivalent of a modern-day printing press. Anybody can publish anything they want. Big whoop! I started by looking at how I'd like to use my own weblog. The basic problem is that the things I share on the web through this forum are duplicates of other information. Even in some internal weblogs I run the content is duplicated from somewhere else. So the process of making the information "more available" doubles the work for the author. Much of the potentially most valuable information never sees the light of day because of the work involved. Instead what I need is a tool, a part of my personal knowledge management system, where I do more than 90 percent of my work, take notes, make appointments, draft and revise documents, send emails and bookmark web pages in a single tool. When I find some information in the data then I can flag that for inclusion on the weblog. Already there are items I post mainly for their value to me as a lookup resource. I need to put everything in one place and mark pieces of it for inclusion in various channels of content.