William Floreck (1949-2006)

William Edward Floreck (1949-2006)For weeks now I've had this item on my to-do list. It is time to send an update to the folks on the list and let them know what we're up to in life. Without fail when I sent that note I would have gotten a thoughtful beautiful response from Bill.

When checking email this afternoon, however, I saw an email from a friend with the subject Bill Floreck. When a friend emails and the subject is the name of another friend the news is never good. And it was the worst sort of news possible.

"Bill Floreck passed away on Friday, July 14th," the message began. A very sad day indeed.

In passing and passing

This week has been odd in making some old connections. Last Saturday an old school-mate was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Sunday it was removed and reports are she is recovering well.

Then on Tuesday I got an email from a classmate in junior high school. Growing up in a military town it's not that unusual that he moved away and we lost touch, especially before the advent of the internet eased communication. It was a great surprise and I look forward to renewing that friendship and catching up on what life has been like for the last two decades. Finally in mentioning the contact to my parents I learned another school-mate and friend in high school had taken his own life a couple of years ago. All and all a bit of an odd week in regards to the old stomping grounds.

A new judge

The Review Journal has a nice picture of the investiture of Judge Markell formerly a professor of law at UNLV. Congratulations professor Markell!

It was 40 years ago today

To paraphrase the Beatle's Sgt. Pepper, it was forty years ago today.... In the late summer of 1964 in the wheatlands of eastern Washington that two very special people came together. It was there, in the living room of my grand parents home that my parents were married. Congratulations on 40 years and here's to 40 more.

Season of change

Spring is just around the corner according to the calendar. The Canadian Geese are beginning to pair up and are gathering material to start their nests. The early morning dawn is once again alive with the sounds of birds chirping and singing. New things are beginning.

I've just picked up The First 90 Days: Critical Strategies for New Leaders at All Levels not so much for its leadership ideas but for its ideas about ideas about moving into a new team. I also ordered a book called Inspirational L

Celebration of life

This week has been a whirl wind tour. Six states in the last seven days. First we were off to Las Vegas a week ago for a family wedding. It was a very nice wedding at the little old west chapel on the southern end of The Strip. From there a quick trip to California, back through Nevada for a whirlwind visit with my parents and then Arizona, Utah and Colorado. Yesterday I left and came to Kansas for a business trip and to a friend's wedding. A more traditional church ceremony this time. I'll get some of the pictures posted tomorrow.

The weddings have been a wonderful time of seeing old friends and family as well as meeting new friends. It's a wonderful celebration of life and love and one of the most perfect celebrations of a person's life. Congratulations to all the newly weds and may your lives be filled with peace and joy.

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