A new judge

The Review Journal has a nice picture of the investiture of Judge Markell formerly a professor of law at UNLV. Congratulations professor Markell!


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The election


I have watched the events of the last several years with amazement, disbelief and that has now turned to total disgust. What is happening is a total escalation of a war against those that are called Liberals. The definition of that word has been lost and it has intentionally been turned into a term of revulsion by those presently holding office.

It is easy to avoid the issues and misdirect the consciousness of the voters to those items that have nothing to do with this coming election. As a general rule, when one party turns the election into a personal “Free For All,” it is because their candidate has either made mistakes, has failed in doing what they have tried to do, or just hasn’t the ability to deal with the events of his term successfully.

Candidates use words like Conservative, Liberal, Democracy, Freedom, God, Prayer, Truth and any other word that ignores/hides the real issues. They twists these issues into other matters that have little or no relevance.

Although John Kerry has his problems, George Bush has earned my total disgust, not particularly for how he has performed, but for his allowing/tolerating this hate campaign. (He has said he is not responsible for what people say... He could forcefully come out against this, supporting honest reporting of the facts. He was very passive of his defense of that position.)

The Backlash is growing. Voters are beginning to wonder why this is permitted. Most importantly, we wonder why those that profess their love for America, can so clearly demonstrate and invoke hate toward Americans. Certainly, both John Kerry and George Bush are not without faults.

BUT, I would vote for "Attila the Hun" if he had a good plan for doing a good job for the United States. Clearly, George Bush cannot defend everything he has done and all we hear is that he wants to continue with more of the same.

Throwing a party to celebrate Democracy/Freedom is a piece of cake. To achieve and to own those freedoms that Democracy allows takes centuries of unprecedented effort.

The hate programs that are being used to persuade the voters make that effort insurmountable.

When those elected or running for office learn to live by the standards they preach, they then deserve to be heard. The voter needs to be educated, the reporting agency's need to assume a non-biased position of educator and the news spinners need to be held accountable for what they say by the press.

News media, DO YOUR JOB...

Harry M.