Freedberg steps down

After my earlier comments I received the following from Brad Freedberg today. It is refreshing to see someone put state and national interests above self interest.

Dear Friends:

As you may have heard, I've decided to end my campaign for the U.S.
Senate. At Saturday's annual meeting, I made the announcement to the
State Central Committee of the Democratic Party.

I have stopped campaigning exactly one year after I began this process,
having reached out to the party at last year's Jefferson-Jackson dinner.
At the time I began this effort, we were facing a popular and firmly
entrenched incumbent in Senator Campbell, and none of the senior leaders
of the party had seriously intended to mount a campaign.

Concerned about the future of our country, I came forward. I fully
understood the challenge I would face as a newcomer. I campaigned on a
message of moderate reform, fiscal responsibility, and pragmatism in
government. We traveled throughout the state promoting this message, and
we built some support within the party. I am fully confident that, had
not the dynamic of the race changed so dramatically, I would have been on
the ballot in August's primary with a decent chance of winning.

Of course, two weeks ago everything changed. Senator Campbell would not
seek reelection. Then, the most formidable of potential Republican
challengers opted against entering the race. The seat was wide open.

All of the sudden, and understandably, it seemed everyone was interested
in the race. Well-known and popular party leaders began reconsidering the
race. In the end, after a well publicized internal process, Attorney
General Ken Salazar came forward as a candidate.

While I respect and admire Mike Miles immensely, it was one thing to
compete against him and entirely another thing to consider competing
against the most popular and well-known statewide elected Democrat in
Salazar. It did not make sense to try to do so.

And so, I have stepped down as a candidate. I always knew that, at the
very least, this process would result in my meeting some very good people
and developing relationships for the future. I was not disappointed.

To all who supported my campaign with money and/or their time, I thank you
for your support. To my main opponent, Mike Miles, keep fighting the
fight, you are a good and honorable man. To Attorney General Salazar, do
justice to this opportunity that you have received, and promote
compassion, fairness, balance and fiscal responsibility in government. To
the Democratic party, thank you for receiving me during this last year.


Brad Freedberg