Miles continues electability campaign

Mike Miles continues his campaign to demonstrate he is more electable than current Colorado Attorney General Ken Salazar. I'm not certain why Mr. Miles does not have this information on his website, if however one wants to get the schedule for March 2 it is listed in upcoming events on Miles' website. It will be a great day when candidates figure out that "we the people" are far more interested in WHAT they plan to do and HOW they plan to do it instead of smugly repeating over and over "call person x and ask them to define their positions." For example Mr. Miles, when you say that you "Supports teachers and public schools" what does that mean? I would suggest that better than 90% of the population would say they support teachers and public schools. Where we differ is on how that is best done. Please stop giving us soundbites and trying to tell Salazar what office he should seek, tell us instead what your plans are and let the voters decide based on information. That is the job of a true educator.

Contrary to your stated belief we the people who are governed are not opposed to a career politician. We want somebody who will do a good job. If their previous career has been in politics, medicine or even being an administrator in a school district we want the best person for the job. We deserve to elect someone who will be the most effective representation.

For the last several weeks the Miles camp has touted the Denver Post's online poll because Miles was leading. Missing from the recent newsletters are any discussions of what these polls mean now that Miles is consistently running behind Salazar. Is this wrong? No. It is exactly what we have come to expect from our politicians. Unfortunately in the face of all kinds of rhetoric about "being the change" any real evidence of change is missing. Better yet, the Miles campaign should talk in constructive ways about this poll.

Dear Friend,

We are at a defining moment in the Democratic Party and nation. Let us keep faith with the values that have made us a great Party - compassion for those who struggle, fairness and equal rights for everyone, support for the ordinary person. Let us not be afraid to support teachers and public education, to fight for a universal, single payer health care system, to support laborers and small businesses, to promote a less arrogant foreign policy, and to take active steps to expand our use of alternative energy sources.

Proud to be a Democrat

I am proud to be a Democrat and my positions on issues reflect the values of the Democratic Party. As a soldier, statesman, and educator, I have served the public interests my entire life. I believe I can win the election in November because:

  • I have national and international experience in foreign policy, counterterrorism, and national security - these will be key issues in the race and in Congress.
  • I will attract veterans, educators, and people concerned about national security regardless of party affiliation.
  • Voters are tired of the usual politicians and want someone they can identify with.
  • My team is the only statewide grassroots organization currently in place.
  • I will have enough money to be competitive. The DSCC and Democrats across the state will raise money for whoever wins the primary.
  • Democrats, unaffiliated, and moderate voters want someone who has the courage to fight the fights that need fighting.

Government of, by, and for the people

Effective participation in government requires an informed electorate. You know me, and where I stand on the issues. You know Ken Salazar's name, but do you know where he stands on issues of importance to you? The attached sheet highlights some of our differences.

Be the change!

This is a defining moment for our Party and nation. We have the opportunity to create lasting changes in our country, in the lives of its citizens, and in our relationships with other nations. You must take the first step. Have the courage to use your voice and your vote to express what you believe is necessary and possible. I am asking you to attend your precinct caucus on April 13th. I need your help to take our country back and to prevent our Party from turning its back on some of our core principles. Follow me, for I intend to BE THE CHANGE!

On the issues - Miles vs. Salazar

Attorney General Ken Salazar is a good man and is a public servant. However, even he has to outline his positions on the various issues that will affect all Coloradoans. So far, he has revealed very little about his positions on health care, foreign policy, education, tax policy, the economy, and social issues. Salazar refuses to debate Mike Miles, appearing to want to win the nomination without defining his position to voters. The little we do know about Salazar's positions is outlined below.


Supports teachers and public schools
Has raised student achievement in public schools
Opposes vouchers and NCLB

Supported voucher legislation in 2003
Supports mandatory recitation of Pledge of Allegiance (Denver Post, 17 Mar 04)

Foreign Policy:

One of few leaders who spoke out against the invasion of Iraq Supports a more engaging and less arrogant foreign policy
Supports expanded role for United Nations in the reconstruction of Iraq
Opposes the preemptive use of force doctrine

Supported the President's actions in Iraq
Please call Ken Salazar and ask him to define his position.

Health Care:

Believes we are in a crisis situation and will need a systemic overhaul of the health care system
Supports single payer, universal health care modeled on the FEHBP that federal employees receive
Is open to any idea that makes health care more affordable and more accessible

Supports more affordable and accessible health care
Please call Ken Salazar and ask him to define his position.

Gay Marriages:

Opposes Musgrave's Amendment
Wants to move toward separation of Church and State, whereby all unions will be civil unions, and the same benefits and privileges are bestowed by the government to all couples regardless of sexual orientation

"Marriage is between a man and a woman" (KOA radio interview, 18 Mar 04) Did not elaborate. 
Please call Ken Salazar and ask him to define his position.
Opposes gay adoptions (Rocky Mountain News, 1 Apr 04)

Presidential Primary Endorsement

Howard Dean

Joe Lieberman



Mike Miles Supporter

I am glad you mentioned how important it is to have a full debate of issues to make a good choice. I am a Mike Miles supporter and I would like you to know why.
After having lived through the violent political upheavals in the past and watching on C-Span waiting for the debate about going to war.Then relizing that instead of debate, we would have an angry rush to justice. The country has been forever changed. The importance of debate about issues affecting our country have never seemed so important to me.
As for me, when I cast my vote on caucus night, I will have voted for a man who has worldwide experience and has served the ideals of freedom, opportunity and America every day of his life. He is a West Point Graduate, Army Ranger, Company Commander, Diplomat, man of the people and I would like to hear what he has to say.
I would also like to hear what experience Mr. Salazar brings to the table.
We will both make better decisions when we are better informed of the choices.

All good reasons to vote for Salazar

It's interesting that the experience of a man who has served Colorado as a statewide elected official for the last 6 years, and whose experience and background fit very closely with the concerns of the average voter in Colorado is looked down upon. The experience of someone schooled in debate is of critical importance in the upcoming senate. The authoritarian style often practiced by military leaders and superintendents alike is what brought us to the point we are today. Salazar has the background, through working with law enforcement, water law, and being a student of the law to understand the issues and ensure we have the proper response. I'm always curious why Miles supporters are so quick to suggest Salazar should run for Governor..... Perhaps it would be a good place for miles to start and gain some worthwhile experience serving the public in the civil sector. Salazar too is a graduate of at least a couple of colleges and holds honorary degrees from several others. Perhaps the most disappointing thing about Miles that I and others I have talked to have experienced is his devotion to having Miles be the candidate for senate from Colorado instead of using the chance to further the discussion in a positive way and to bring true change to Washington and our country. If Miles stood for these things we'd be seeing real discussion, real ideas and an openness. We don't want to hear any more that "Miles is more electable" what would he actually do??? How can we judge this from someone with little public record? At least Salazar has a public record to stand upon. If you truly wanted to "hear what experience Mr. Salazar brings to the table," you'd spend the .5 seconds it takes and do a search on Google. It is not difficult to find out.... the only problem is the Miles campaign of beating on Salazar goes out the window when that happens. Why won't Miles really talk about the issues? Why instead of trying to bash Salazar would he not show us what the political process is like in a new and open way? Why would he not put the good of the country ahead of dreams of being able to say "I was once a candidate for Senate"?

The saddest part of this whole little "drama" is that if Miles understood any of this then he could be elected.