Battling the leaf cutters

With a refreshing cool front the last couple of days have been quite productive in getting the new trees in. Now we're battling the leaf-cutter bees whose efforts I would normally appreciate but their vigor in utilizing the greenery of our young plantings is becoming a little too damaging.

On a bit of a separate note our kitten Midsummer Night seems to have taken ill yesterday. After some more watching it appears to likely be an injury to the left front leg, but finding such a problem on a 6-week old kitten is difficult at best. What was nearly as difficult was finding a veterinarian willing to talk to a potential client after hours last night. One vet we called even said it was illegal to talk to us on the phone about a pets medical condition (though conveniently they could see us in the 15 minutes before they closed - if not for the 45 minute drive to get there.) At a time when veterinarians are undoubtedly over worked and incomes are diminishing it is amazing how many lack the common courtesies which would convert animal owners into their clients. One vet we talked to was very helpful and earned our business. I'm not certain the kitten needs much more than a pain reliever to help her with her leg (my guess is a pull, strain or even minor fracture but it's pretty small to set) but dosing such a small critter is something we need help with.