Keeping busy

For several months each year (eleven usually) I manage to forget just how busy it gets as Boys' State approaches. It may be obvious from the posting here, or lack of same, that I've been keeping pretty busy. However, we have a new addition to the family to mention.

Knowing the place

This morning's New York Times brings story of coyote capture in Central Park. While I'm naturally drawn to stories about these beautiful creatures it occurs to me I would likely have not finished the story were it not for last year's trip to Central Park. Having walked much of the park and the area described in the story made it much more interesting.

Conflict of the ants

Earlier today I worked on setting up an Open Source Portfolio (OSP) on Mac OS X. It seemed pretty simple and the instructions said it would be. But each time it kept saying there was an improper flag "-cp". The problem turns out to be a conflict in configuration between the installation of Ant that comes with Mac OS X developer tools and the Ant included with OSP.

If you build it, they will come

Monday morning and time for cliches from sports movies. In any event the field of dreams is more a column of light in this case. On the way home from the rodeo yesterday evening we witnessed the flocking of the moths to the Luxor light beam. They were so numerous as to warrant speculation about whether they were moths, birds or bats drawn by the rich collection of insects. Turns out they are healthy moths fed on the wet winter Las Vegas has experienced.

The Room

Outside the mercury climbed above ninety on the Fahrenheit side of the thermometer. The building, however, was cool. Air conditioners drone away in the distance makling a soft thumping sound as if one of them is slightly off balance. At the end of the long hallway off the examining room stands a room, directly across form the doctors office is a room which is now unoccupied by any person. A fact that remains true for all but the last few minutes of every day when just before quitting time it comes to use.

The door is a plastic covered metal facsimile of wooden doors that traditionally would have hung in its place. Dark brown, it stands out against the lighter walls. At one time they were papered, rather poorly, with a white ribbed wall paper. Now the edges wee showing the signs of years of use. Thirsty sheet rock is laid bare in more than one place in the room by the deterioration of the wallpaper. Just inside the door a counter protrudes from the wall.

The Formica covered counter was made too look like a blue marble counter. Like so much of this room it has an unnaturalness about it. Designed so one person can stand with sink on their left and have a long counter in front of them. The counter too shows signs of years of usage. It is stained with blood and has several deep scratches in its glossy finish. Off the end of the counter is a large stainless steel tub.

A flexible spray nozzle mounted in the ceiling above the tub is used for keep it clean.


Right on

Dave Winer says we need to focus more attention on the Republican (Bush Administration) flip-flops. Absolutely. He mentions the campaign promise not to go nation building. More than $80 billion later we know that was the talk with no action. Others on the list include "Mission Accomplished" and then joking about the lies we told the world about the need to go into Iraq. The commitment to hunt the terrorists who perpetrated 9-11 and then putting it on the back burner to pursue a personal vendetta.


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