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Last Week the Rams deflated the Utah Utes in a 19-14 victory in the Utes stadium. The Utes fell to 3-2 in the WAC while the Rams climbed to 2-1.

Myers first - Ram free saftey Greg Myers had one interception in Sarurday's game and moved into a tie for first place in career interceptions with Selwyn Jones.

Running Away - the Rams have averaged 186.8 yards russing a game in their four wins this year. However in their two losses the Rams have averaged just 19.5 yards a game.


Oncogenes - are they related to blue jeans?

Oncogenes are often mentioned in the news in association with cancer. But, what are these oncogene things? A careful evaluation of the word can yield some answers. Many hospitals now have oncology departments, even veterinary hospitals such as the Veterinary Teaching Hospital at Colorado State University have such facilities, which deal with cancer. And the later part of the word, -gene, would imply some kind of genetic control. As we will see both the idea of cancer and genes play a part in understanding oncogenes.

An oncogene is a malevolent change in a proto-oncogene. This should be about as clear as mud but let's clarify. First, a proto-oncogene is a regular, functional, portion of the genome. Every one of us contains many proto-oncogenes, the things we usually refer to as genes. The gene can however be taken from its proper place and transformed into a place it should not be. When this change causes aberrant behavior the proto-oncogene is then called an oncogene.

Think if you will of a piece of thread and a climbing rope. They are both pieces of fabric used for holding together two objects. The former holds two pieces of fabric or leather while the later holds two objects such as a climber and a rock together. Neither can acceptably do the job of the other. Scarcely one person on the street would wear a shirt sewn with twenty-five pounds of climbing rope. How do these compare to oncogenes and proto oncogenes? Imagine if you will a climbing rope, somewhat abused with a frazzled end.


The Room

Outside the mercury climbed above ninety on the Fahrenheit side of the thermometer. The building, however, was cool. Air conditioners drone away in the distance makling a soft thumping sound as if one of them is slightly off balance. At the end of the long hallway off the examining room stands a room, directly across form the doctors office is a room which is now unoccupied by any person. A fact that remains true for all but the last few minutes of every day when just before quitting time it comes to use.

The door is a plastic covered metal facsimile of wooden doors that traditionally would have hung in its place. Dark brown, it stands out against the lighter walls. At one time they were papered, rather poorly, with a white ribbed wall paper. Now the edges wee showing the signs of years of use. Thirsty sheet rock is laid bare in more than one place in the room by the deterioration of the wallpaper. Just inside the door a counter protrudes from the wall.

The Formica covered counter was made too look like a blue marble counter. Like so much of this room it has an unnaturalness about it. Designed so one person can stand with sink on their left and have a long counter in front of them. The counter too shows signs of years of usage. It is stained with blood and has several deep scratches in its glossy finish. Off the end of the counter is a large stainless steel tub.

A flexible spray nozzle mounted in the ceiling above the tub is used for keep it clean.


Choosing between two paths

This was the speech that I delivered as Valedictorian of the Indian Springs High School graduating class in June of 1991. --Joshua Brauer

Robert Frost, a noted American poet, once said of choosing between two roads: "I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference."

We and the society into which we are entering must look to the road less traveled. Unemployment, pollution, traffic, crime, and homelessness are all becoming more common. Financial institutions and the whole of the economy are in big trouble. Annually we spend billions of dollars building the militaries of many nations. Yet we do not fund social programs to feed, house, and educate those who are less fortunately than we are.

We have come to a point in time where we must change things or forever forfeit our way of life. As a class in high school we have strived for excellence, dedication, and innovation. Now these must also be part of our daily lives. Additionally we must be role models and leaders for the next generation

In order to have a greater impact we must become leaders wherever we are and in whatever we do. Certain qualities are necessary for good leadership. I would like to share a few of these with you.

Dedication - people must be dedicated to what they are doing. If you are involved in things you enjoy, dedication comes more easily, so persue a career you are interested in.

Courage - at times every leader faces tough situations.



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