An apology for helping Bush dodge the draft

Ben Barnes, former Lt. Govenor of Texas is apologizing for helping get George W. Bush into the national guard at a time when those who had less wealth and less prominent names were serving their country in Vietnam.



Barnes a liar?

In 1998 he testified under oath that he did not help Bush join the Guard. He is either lying now, or was lying then. Either way you cannot possibly trust him because if he is really telling the truth now, then he would have purgered himself 6 years ago. He needs to face charges of purgery immediately or retract his last comments.

Where's the link

As is so often the case there are mysterious assertions of "fact." They follow this pretty typical plan... Say something that makes it sound official... If for example as someone says here "in 1998" then there is a record of it. Where is that record? What was happening in 1998 that would have had the former Lt. Governor testifying under oath about then Governor Bush under oath?

These cowardly comments miss the point all together. We the American people know without any reasonable doubt that President George W. Bush and his family pulled strings to get him out of going to Vietnam. Why will someone who claims to be a man of integrity not stand up and explain why? It (like our current debacle) was a terrible, pointless waste of too many human lives and did not serve to make the world a better place.