The latest Halliburton discovery

60 Minutes tonight ran a piece (it was a repeat but new to me) on Halliburton explaining how the company used the pensions of New York City fire fighters to fund terrorist regimes. In order to comply with US law the company must have a "completely independent" subsidiary in another country. In Halliburton's case the "independent" subsidiary is a mail forwarding service in the Cayman Islands. They have a grand total of zero employees in their "independent" subsidiary's office. So our own country's very own Vice President Dick Cheney is responsible for helping to support the very same sponsors of terrorism who the Bush administration claims to be at war with.

Perhaps this explains better why, in the middle of prosecuting an important war on terror, the Bush administration was so desperate to mislead our country into a war against a different company that had nothing to do with the terrorists attacks against our country. It has become clear that the current administration could not possibly be reelected without the fear mongering to keep Americans living in terror.