Sandy Valley Citizens Advisory Council Meeting - November 9, 2004

Tuesday evening began with a scheduled meeting of the Sandy-Mesquite Development Association. Nancy Knight was the sole board member present and no meeting was held because of the lack of a quorum. Knight did, however, read from correspondence relating to the pending appeal before the Nevada Supreme Court. The case stems from attempts by Vidler Corporation to privatize the water in the Sandy Valley area and export the water to other areas.

At 7:30 the Sandy Valley Citizens Advisory Council meeting was called to order by vice-chair Keith Kram. Board members Melissa Barbre and Joanne Jolls were present along with council secretary Cynthia Zalsman. The county staff representative normally present at Citizens Advisory Council meetings was absent because of a conflicting meeting elsewhere. After the pledge, approval of agenda and past meetings the council took up the issue of appointing a board member to represent the council on the Clark County Growth Management Task Force. Discussion included uncertainty about who was going to serve on the board and insufficient information for continuing board members to make a commitment to serving on the committee. As a special call meeting is scheduled for November 30 the council tabled this item to that meeting.

Kram read several notes from Munhall in lieu of staff reports. These included:

  • Sandy Valley Fall Cleanup will be this Saturday, November 13. Republic Services will not be providing separate metal bins as they have in the past. Metal waste will be mixed with all other waste and the bins may fill up faster. In order to dump for free citizens will need to bring their trash bills or have their names checked against a list of republic subscribers.
  • The Clark County Commission has approved funds for biding on design of the senior citizens center. Community input will be needed on design requirements and preferences.
  • Applications are being accepted through December 5th for residents interested in serving on the Sandy Valley Citizens Advisory Council. More information and applications are available on .
  • The third car crush is being discussed by the company and the county. More details should be available at the next Citizens Advisory Council meeting.
  • No update from Commissioner Lynette Boggs McDonald about the formation of the ground water board.
  • A lack of topics to be discussed led to the cancellation of the final Chairs' meeting on December 8th.
  • There was a hearing Tuesday about the property with the accumulation of cars on Quartz. The judge gave them another 45-day extension. The party states they are attempting to move the cars out of state.
  • Commendation to council member Joanne Jolls who sat through six hours of county commission meetings to have the community voice heard on an application for a temporary use permit. The Sandy Valley Citizens Advisory Council had recommended denying the request. Later the planing commission approved the request and the county commission ultimately approved a more restrictive version of the request than initially requested.
  • No representative from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department was present for the update agenda item.

The floor was then opened for public comment. Several community members brought up concerns about vandalism in the park and drag racing on Quartz. Several people mentioned the idea of surveillance cameras in the park and confronting the vandals. The idea of fencing the park was raised and it was brought up that county policy is now that they do not fence the perimeters of parks.

The meeting concluded at 8:00 pm with an announcement from Zalsman that she and Ann Weber are doing the work for the Sagebrush and that articles need to be in by the 15th to be guaranteed consideration.

The council will meet again on November 30th.