Some poor village

Some poor village is being deprived of their local dolt. It is really not fair and said incompetent should be returned as quickly as possible. So this is really a story about the clown who bothered to file suit against Apple claiming they unlawfully bundled the iPod and the iTunes Music Store. The claim purports that because the only out of the box solution that works with iTunes Music Store is the iPod. According to the BBC the litigant said he was forced to buy an iPod if he wanted to take his music with him to listen to.

This is worse than the podcasters who whine about features that the iPod is missing when it has the very features they are looking for. For the others in the village it is really quite simple. If you want to take a song with you and you don't have an iPod you simply burn it to CD and take it in the portable CD player you've had since the '80s. I won't even bother to mention you could quite easily re-import the tracks from your CD once they were burned, having made digital-digital-digital copies with no degradation. So in the end the suit boils down to a suit to try and force a company to re-write their software to work with other devices that they have no control of.

PalmOne, watch out because soon this guy will want to know why you don't enable WindowsCE on your devices and will be suing to make you change too.

As I'm on the topic of untenable positions how about three cheers for John Redlein, Las Vegas City Attorney for his performance on KNPR's State of Nevada this morning. Redlein tried to explain why all work cards relate to those in privileged businesses. Never-mind that included on that list are out-call entertainers. Absolutely amazing, next we'll hear that newspapers and other forms of free speech are also privileged businesses. While it is likely obvious that I don't buy the particular brand of fascism that Redlein was peddling, it is best if you come to a discussion or debate without the non sequiturs that weaken your position.


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Oops! More bad news for the v

Oops! More bad news for the village idiot. So much for having to buy an iPod to use iTunes music store on the go.