Nikon D50

Killing some time in Chicago this evening I stopped in to look at the Nikon D50. It looks like it will be a great alternative to the more expensive D70. The body is smaller and the grip is smaller, slightly, than the D70 and quite a bit smaller than the D100 making it more accessible to folks with smaller hands.



Kelvin Settings...

I'm new to the world of I'm still learning much about camera usage. I'm currently using the Nikon D50 and am enjoying it alot. A concept I just learned about, Kelvin settings found on Canon cameras, is the only thing I'm having problems with in the D50. I don't have/see that particular option on my now I'm searching for help on understanding Nikon's equivalent, if any, for Kelvin settings.


Kelvin settings

Kelvin settings are called White Balance on the D50 (and many other cameras).