Against the law?

Interested in joining an gym in Las Vegas? A stop at the website of the Las Vegas Athletic Club says "Our specials change all the time". Going in isn't much better. They will tell you that you need a contract but you can't get a copy of the contract ahead of time in order to look at and review. It's sign up now or don't sign up at all. In fact when asked for a copy of the contract so it could be taken and reviewed the response was that it was "against the law," to do so.

Clubs like 24 Hour Fitness seem to be able to post their prices online and have information. All this leads one to wonder what the game is? Is it just snake-oil sales at its best? What secret clause in the contract is it that members aren't meant to learn about ahead of time? Oh, you want pricing information, that too is something you'll have to write down because the club doesn't put it in writing ahead of time.

In the end there is probably nothing wrong with this business. But it does make one wonder (and look for another club) when there is so much secrecy about joining a club.