Carter's Campaign Kickoff

As expected Jack Carter announced his candidacy to be the next US Senator from Nevada. Carter contrasted his philosophy with that of Senator Ensign by saying "The singular difference between the junior senator and me is he works for the Bush administration and I want to work for Nevada."

The union hall where Carter made his announcement was filled with supporters, who from time to time broke out chanting, "We want Jack". Also on the podium were several local politicians and Carter's parents former President Jimmy Carter and first lady Rosalynn Carter.

It was quite an impressive showing, but I must remark on the Secret Service detail accompanying the former President. They were a group of diverse, polite, attentive, well dressed young men. While notable in their suits and from the star pins on their lapels they were seemingly otherwise just members of the crowd. Their quiet attentiveness was impressive. While standing a few feet from the former President, a member of the crowd approached with their hands in their pocket. The nearest Secret Service agent quietly and nearly unnoticed leaned over and asked the man to take his hands out of his pocket just to be sure there was noting in them. It was quite impressive, exactly the kind of attentiveness we want in those guarding our Presidents.