Two days in I'm already breaking with my pledge to get to bed at a better hour. Too many ideas running through my head to do otherwise though. I spent the backend of the week at a briefing at Apple Computer. What a brilliant group of people they had to present to us.

One of the reminders I got was about submitting feature requests and bug reports. All too often it is very easy to see how we as users would like things to work and forget that in addition to posting them on our blogs (which we hope the right people are reading or at least scraping for terms like iPod) we need to make sure Apple's aware of the request. On tomorrow's list will be a feature request to change how iTunes handles the absence of podcasts (i.e. prompt me instead of deleting them all first). Another huge feature request will be answered with IChat 4, the ability to sign in to multiple AIM accounts at once. Yea!