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Web Server in every pocket

With Apple's announcement of the iPhone today it seems we will soon have not just a weak web client in every cell phone, but a full web browser and even the ability to have full blown web servers in every pocket. Sure makes some of Dave Winer's ideas about desktop servers get extremely interesting. Now how soon can I get one!

Keynote countdown

The MacWorld keynote is less than a day away. I thought it interesting to compare Bill Gates' CES keynote with what we expect from Steve Jobs. Dave Winer was at the Gates event and says it was boring. I wish he was going to be at MacWorld to comment. Perhaps it too would be boring but the Jobs reality distortion field will prevent anyone from knowing and will keep us all mesmerized.

Apple says Jobs did not benefit from options

Shares of Apple Computer rebounded on Friday with news that CEO Steve Jobs knew of options back dating at the company but did not benefit from the practice. According to a New York Times article "Mr. Jobs did not benefit financially from any questionable stock awards."

My reaction to this is mixed. Certainly as a long-time user of Apple hardware and someone who hopes to continue using the best hardware on the market I'm glad to hear it. On a personal note I have some stock I was planning to sell next week and buy Apple shares so I'm disappointed the price rebounded today.

Universal looking for share of iPod sales

According to this article Universal music may be looking for royalties on each iPod sale. Let's rewind a bit and see how funny this request really is. Two weeks ago Universal said that iPod owners were thieves. This came at the time when they were announcing their support of the Zune which seems to be under performing the weakest of expectations.

Going back further one sees that Universal, and their traditional music label comrades, didn't have much use for the iPod. When it came to be five years ago they seemed to think it was just another crappy MP3 player and who would care. Since then Apple Computer has managed to set the music distribution business on it's ear. Not only is it not a crappy player but with increasing ease we, the consumers, don't need the labels, or want the labels, to filter music for us. Instead we can go directly to the source and get music. Best of all our dollars go to supporting the artists not the same executives who think we're all a bunch of thieves.

Truth in reporting

This will be a brief comment on a couple of stories out there today. First off there is the linkbait article suggesting Apple's days are numbered. To anyone who knows the market it's hard to take even as a parody but there would be temptation on some of our parts to pump the article in hopes of getting a few more (as yet unpurchased) Apple shares at reasonable prices. But then that wouldn't be ethical.

Then there is this piece of investigative journalism. The main problem is there doesn't seem to have been much investigation. The errors and omissions as well as morphing of time lines are horrendous in this article. You'll notice nowhere in the article does it mention the other businesses in California that benefit from the mutual aid agreements between the states, not even the other businesses in Sandy Valley. The article ends with the line that "not counting the motocross" there have been 300 calls in California handled by Clark County Fire. Taking even the highest figures for the motocross at the heart of the story there have been fewer than a dozen.

Sick MacBook

We have a sick MacBook on our hands. Fortunately (we hope) it is not the dreaded restart problem that some have had. Rather the cause is a battery issue where the battery is not recognized after it was fully drained and the computer left unplugged overnight.

Of course this is probably a decent time for it to break because the only thing we'll miss is yet another post about Google buying You Tube.


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