Truth in reporting

This will be a brief comment on a couple of stories out there today. First off there is the linkbait article suggesting Apple's days are numbered. To anyone who knows the market it's hard to take even as a parody but there would be temptation on some of our parts to pump the article in hopes of getting a few more (as yet unpurchased) Apple shares at reasonable prices. But then that wouldn't be ethical.

Then there is this piece of investigative journalism. The main problem is there doesn't seem to have been much investigation. The errors and omissions as well as morphing of time lines are horrendous in this article. You'll notice nowhere in the article does it mention the other businesses in California that benefit from the mutual aid agreements between the states, not even the other businesses in Sandy Valley. The article ends with the line that "not counting the motocross" there have been 300 calls in California handled by Clark County Fire. Taking even the highest figures for the motocross at the heart of the story there have been fewer than a dozen.