Where the Drupal spam module doesn't work

Last week I wrote about Drupal spam options. In that piece I commented that I hadn't used the Akismet service. Sometime after that post I was reminded of a site where I have a great many problems with spam. Wanting to run a forum it is constantly overrun with spam. For some reason the Spam module in contrib doesn't seem to consistently delete or unpublish nodes that are spam. On this site there isn't a problem because it handles comments well (though Sunday a few comments did get through). Back to the other site where I installed Akismet over the weekend and low and behold the spam problem instantly dried up. It is clear from this little experiment that both are valuable tools in the anti-spam arsenal and have a place being used together. Thanks for everyone's comments!



regarding spam

hey have to tried mollom

Mollom is the #1 anti-spam option

Mollom is certainly the best spam-control option available for Drupal websites today. Like any software it isn't perfect but there's an active issue queue on drupal.org to resolve issues as they arise. At the time this original post was created Mollom wasn't yet an option.

use spam module

Hi, I have never usesd or other 3rd party services to get rid of spams, and I think they are not really necessary. I use a combination of Captcha (for forms and sign up) and Spam modules on a very busy site and I can filter out almost all the crap. The trick is to use the powerful feature of spam module which is in its ability to use regexp to diagnose any crappy strings. so for example you can have a regular expression like:


(where the string between '/ /' is the dirty string that is likely to occurs in the potential spam words/urls and 'i' indicates that the string is case-insensitive

a couple of these filters has enabled me to filter out the most frequent spam string.