September 2004

UNLV rated among top universities in the west

Christine Little has a little article in the Las Vegas Sun proclaiming that a "National Study" flunked UNLV students and teachers. What the article really says is that UNLV is one of the top institutions in the nation, the only such school in the state. It appears that Little must not have done so well in journalism class because she fails to distinguish between a statistically invalid survey and a 'study' as she calls it. Study implies there is some validity to the numbers. What the survey really says is that the people from UNLV (as supposedly ascertained by a 'valid' UNLV student email address - which could be very difficult to ascertain) rate the university lower than respondents at other institutions.

The Rebel Yell has another article on the topic.

Another Bush flip-flop?

With documents revealed today where George Bush said he had "inadequate time" to serve in the national guard. How will he wiggle around his past claims that he completed his service.


On the way to work this morning I finished listening to Bittersweet by Nevada Barr. It is just an amazing love story and a beautiful story of centuries past. It encapsulates well, to this day, the attitudes and life style of rural Nevadans. Though our lives are not a tenth as difficult as those a century or more ago there is a shared love of the beautiful hardness in the desert. Bittersweet indeed.

1984 +20

The New York Times is having to sue Ashcroft because the Attorney General is in the process of trying to get records of all telephone calls between two of its journalists and all their sources (and presumably hair dressers, baby-sitters and others). The Orwellean AG is going way over the line again. How long will it be until the National Rifle Association realizes that Ashcroft means to track their guns via third parties? It's all a lie folks. The Bush administration has proven time and time again the only things they are capable of doing are 1) lying to Americans and 2) taking away the rights that were given in the Constitution.


There is a new release of phpMyAdmin bringing the current version to 2.6.0. However I don't seem to be having success with the relationship features. It seems to choke on an empty column_info table because the SQL doesn't work as it expects the pma_column_info table to be complete.


11 years ago the Gods of the Universe blessed the humans on earth with Zephyr, God of the West Wind. His duties were to assist the mortals of Earth, using his talents with wind and nose, in finding those that were presumed lost or missing. Among the many talents given to Zephyr to accomplish these goals were abilities to work through the human contaminated world, through land, water, snow both in mountains and populated zones.

To assist Zephyr in his duties he was given a mere mortal, Julie Weibler. The Gods determined that she should arrive at a Petsmart just when Zephyr was there and willed her to take the black and white Wind God of unknown background and many "ghosts"? in his young past and assist him in moving past those. The mortal Julie endeavored greatly, having already survived the challenges set forth by the Gods with her previous search dog, Tassie. Zephyr overcame the difficulties of daily life in the mortal's world where people had physically and mentally abused him before the Gods directed him to Julie. For years they lived in harmony, both at home and as a search dog/handler team.

Short agenda for Sandy Valley Citizens Advisory Council

The Sandy Valley Citizens Advisory Council is set to meet Tuesday, September 28, 2004. The agenda includes a single planning and zoning issue, specifically the use permit request of Neva Creasy to use a singlewide mobile as temporary living quarters on a 1.9 acre parcel north of Onyx Avenue and east of Osage Street. Discussion items on the agenda include updates by Metro and an update on the senior citizen's center. The meeting will be held at the Sandy Valley Community Center, 777 E. Quartz Ave, at 7:30 p.m.

It's simple, really simple.

In September of 2001 a group of terrorists attacked the United States. Now, more than three years later the most powerful nation on Earth has failed to capture or kill those responsible. Instead we've spent billions of dollars on a war with different enemies. What George W. Bush did is like seeing our country attacked by Libia and in response we go to war with China.

How can anyone consider supporting a commander in chief who can't track down and capture or kill their enemy after more than 3 years.