February 2008

Trip down memory lane

Reading through my RSS queue this morning this set of photos sent me back to days of yore. Instantly I was transported from the modern hotel lobby to the Laser 128 sitting in my childhood home and all of the amazing things we managed to do with AppleSoft.

Preview of the Forum Thread module

Part of devoting my professional undertakings to has been to begin doing some more serious module development. Thus we have a preview of the Forum Thread module. It is a module that I'm developing for a sponsor and will be releasing on Drupal.org in the next couple of weeks. The design is to take Drupal's standard forums and in the most Drupalish way possible provide threaded forums that are more similar to the traditional forum look of or .

The price of Red Dot content management system on Google

Some of the writing I've been doing on content management systems led me to do a search that produces a funny result. Search for price of Red Dot content management system on Google. The top result as of today is this December 2002 issue of Smart Content newsletter published by the Red Dot folks. As it stands at the time of this writing it is a page with a grand total of zero links on it. Yup. There are URL's in the text that one could copy and paste into a web browser but there is not a single link to click on. At first I was just put off because there was no link in the header to take me back to the home page but a quick search of the source shows not a single link anywhere.

Perhaps somebody should get them a copy of Don't Make Me Think.