September 2009

Ordering DSL from Qwest shouldn't be an adventure

When I tweeted a few days ago about the giant ball of fail that resulted from trying to order DSL service from Qwest I told the representative I'd blog about it because it wouldn't fit in 140 characters.

Where oh where are you?

The fun gets started with trying to enter one's address and get information about what level of service is available. Well here's where the fun starts. Following along if one enters:

1234 W Any Creek Street Meridian Idaho 93346

one gets back the variation address:

2421-2662 W ANY CREEK DR MERIDIAN ID 93342

Now mind you it's not so much a suggestion as your only option to choose this, albeit it incorrect, address. So if one tries again and changes what you're looking for to

1234 W Any Creek Meridian Idaho 93346

The suggestion changes and becomes:


Again closer but still not right as the zip-code is wrong.

Drupalcamp Atlanta 2009

Sitting at O'Hare on the way home from the inaugural Drupal Camp Atlanta. It was a great camp on the whole. The waining days of summer brought plenty of rain to Atlanta. Rain in Atlanta is a rather different experience for a life-long westerner. I hold fast to an instinctive reaction to seeing rain outside. When exiting the building the rain means it will be somewhere between chili and downright cold outside. It doesn't rain that way in Atlanta. Rather the opposite every building we exited the outdoors, rain included, was warmer. Never before have I had my glasses fog up so much in September.

While at the camp I did a showing many of the new things in Drupal 7 and demonstrating the themebuilder. The presentation is attached below. There are other presentations that are more complete as well as lists of changes on

How many cliches can you fit in 140 characters?

National Public Radio's Talk of the Nation revisited civil discourse today. Of course front and center in that discussion is Representative Joe Wilson. This isn't about him, however.

A caller spoke for what seemed an eternity and managed to string together an impressive collection of cliches. So loosely connected were the ideas that it seemed (and maybe it was) an . Thoughts mingled as they do and I came to ponder two things. One is the challenge of how many cliches can one fit into 140 characters?