September 2010

Boise Apple store opens with no front

Photo of the Apple Store in the Boise Towne Square mall a few minutes after closing on the third day the store was open.

The Apple Store in Boise is now open. Judging by the crowd a half hour before closing on Sunday, the second day the store was open, it looks to be doing a booming business. Lots of blue-shirts too so it seemed that while there was a crowd nobody was leaving with questions unanswered.

More interesting is the lack of any storefront. This picture is a Newark store which is similar but the Boise store lacks even the two panels of glass at the sides. There is no front display and the first thing customers encounter are helpful Apple employees and tables of product.

5 fun things to start September

Picture of fall in New England September has sprung. To kick off the month here are five things to ponder.

First up as fall comes so does the football season. Tackling, blocking and trick plays abound. Perhaps the Western Athletic Conference should have considered Boise State's bragging on the radio about "creativity on the football field" to include sharing trick plays with their new conference, the Mountain West Conference. So far the most entertaining plays have been the off-the-field plays between the WAC, BYU and the MWC. Ultimately it's bemusing to see the mis-management that's kept the WAC in the basement of athletic leagues sink the ship. Having gone from courting BYU to not enough teams to remain a conference in the blink of an eye.