What happens in the blink of an eye? I've just started listening to Maclom Gladwell's book Blink and it is fantastic thus far. In the introduction he presents a study that suggests in setting of making choices the human body begins to exhibit stress reactions after just 10 choices. That's 40 choices sooner than we have a "gut feeling" forming and another 20-30 away from being able to articulate those feelings.

That thing you do

The side of the page features a new block with content from Library Thing. Library Thing is Tim Spalding's tool for allowing bibliophiles and compulsive organizers to have a single, online, place to keep track of book collections. The site favors tagging via a free-taging ala over a Library of Congress subject heading. It is a nice tool for putting a library together. There will, undoubtedly, be some things that come from a few days of working with it that will make it more valuable. One of the first would be the ability to comment on and tag books that are not in my library.

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