With Google Apps the dots do matter

For years the lowly dot in gmail addresses didn't matter. You could be joshua@ and all the same and your email would reach you. This had some uses when filtering mail in various systems. Though I've not found an announcement of the change and Google is littered with links that say otherwise it appears from testing this morning with several domains that dots or periods, whatever you may call them, do matter but only if you're using Google Apps.

An odd add in gmail

Google's new themes for Gmail are quite fun and have convinced me to spend much time on their site each day trying to get my theme to update. The different mountain views are great though it would be really nice if there was an easier and faster means for getting it to update. Anyway as I was browsing today the following ad popped up...

Now it's not going to make the Tonight Show as one of the odd ads of the week but the "New Text Ad" is kind of funny. While it suggests it might lead to it doesn't really. It instead leads to a broken page link.

A terrific week in tech

What a week it's been and it is only Wednesday. This holiday-shortened week is turning out to be a fantastic week in tech and elsewhere. (For those of you in less fortunate states Friday is Nevada Day which we celebrate by not going to work and having parades instead). Where to start?

One of the first great moments was Google's announcements Tuesday evening of the availability of IMAP availability in Gmail and the hosted Google Apps. It makes my recent decision to move to Google Apps Premium look even smarter. About the same time the annual support agreement on my mail server is up. Sure a lot harder to think about keeping the annual expense when I get all that and more from Google Apps. It was just last week that a colleague reluctantly got .Mac to have IMAP mail for their iPhone as they grew tired of the pop-Gmail re-downloading too often.

And of course there is the world of sport. Colorado State's impressive upset of UNLV (though why UNLV was favored is beyond even the most seasoned Las Vegan). Today, though, the Colorado Rockies begin their first ever World Series and could well be four games away from the season of a generation.

On a personal note I began to play with You Tube for the first time. It is a very satisfying experience and one I'm sure I'll be repeating.

Sharing gmail accounts with other gmail users

Here's a feature request for Google's Gmail system. In the same way that one can designate sharing of calendars, allow sharing of Gmail accounts. Several organizations I work with have Gmail accounts for various purposes. Today there are two options to share these accounts. The organizational account can be setup to forward to a number of users, but this leaves my inbox a jumble of personal and organizational emails and leads to the second option. That is to log out of Gmail and log back in as the organizational user. Something I do several times a day but it's tedious on several levels, including that the other Gmail services I use are tied to my personal account.

It would be great to have the same sort of sharing options as the Google Calendar service (pictured above). You could then designate others who could read your email, or those who could read and respond on your behalf. This feature would catapult Gmail further ahead in the web-based desktop arena.

Gmail slow this morning

Gmail is running slow this morning. No messages have been delivered to my Gmail accounts for 90 minutes, including a few dozen that have been accepted for delivery by various SMTP hosts at Google but haven't appeared in the inbox yet.

For the last couple of years I've been using Gmail and it is a great service. Presently I have all my mail accounts setup to run through Gmail and back out to my mail servers. This arrangement provides great flexibility in archiving messages, remote access for those times when I just need to grab something quick. The setup is great until delays like today's happen. I've had it before on my personal account but today it's hitting my personal account and my work account. Not a good deal when one is expecting email.

There is a post that indicates Google is aware of the problem. How much simpler if there was one place to go for this information.

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