Life in the West

Riding into the sunset

It was a beautiful evening for a ride tonight. We went out for an hour and a half and had a great ride. It is always great riding home after sunset with the blazing orange and red skies. This is what living in the desert is about.

Real Estate Guide

As we're settling into the place I thought I'd share my recently expanded view of real estate terminology. For those who have not yet joined the ranks of rural property owners here is a guide to terms you might encounter:

Automatic Waterers - a device that at one time is purported to have provided water to animals. The main control valve may function but don't count on it. At least you'll have a collection of semi-usable parts to start your own system.

35 minutes from ________ - fill in the blank and buy a jet. You'll need it to get from wherever they are claiming is 35 minutes away. Unless you plan on being a permanent donut provider for your local coppers you won't make it in 35 minutes. Probably better allot an hour to make it.

On moving

Moving has been keeping us busy. Overall things have gone well. It is never easy to move to a rural area. There are careful considerations of timing and getting the right things in the right place at the right time. I'll post a mover's dictionary for those who are looking at real estate later.

So what has gone well? ABF's u-pack moving is highly recommended. They did everything on time and as expected. We were originally told that we couldn't get a ramp in Sandy Valley. As it turned out they did the delivery and included a ramp as well. Also high on the good side is the help of several wonderful folks including the Spence Family on the packing end and Stacy on the unpacking end. It still amazes me that EVERYTHING was moved in less than a week.

Wonderful Memorial Day

It's a wonderful day for reflection. The sun is out and the clouds are light and wispy. So many great men and women have given so much for us to have the freedom and opportunities we have today. Thank You.

On a separate note I spent a lot of last week working on a project in iMovie and iDVD. A few hints. First, make your iMovie into seperate movies that will be independent chapters in iDVD. This will speed the rendering process in iDVD and will enable you to lock down changes in one segment without having to re-encode later.

In iDVD my findings have been similar to Ken Stone's. You must let it background encode all video before making a DVD. While I never ruined a DVD blank, I did find that every time the process would hang and if I watched TOP it would become stuck and non-responsive.


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