Image Hijacking

I've been tracking down quite a few image hijackers recently. These unscrupulous people choose to host web pages and use the images from another's webserver (in this case mine) for their site. Nevermind that they would probably never think to even ask for permission to use copyrighted images, but they go one step further. In the process of stealing my work they use my server to do it. Well, they did. No more. The really bad thing about it is that by doing this you're allowing someone else (me) to control what happens when people come to your site.

Good & Bad

The good news is we made it out to Red Rock today. The bad news is that I rushed a bunch of photos in the rain and didn't use the tripod so I have a whole crop of not so good pictures. I was about to say the whole lot is a complete loss, but one is good enough to grace the heading of this site for a while.

And so

is replaced by

Modern mythology

Jim Dalrymple comments on the Megapixel Myth joining the "Megahertz Myth" as technology folklore. As the article points out a four megapixel camera will produce 4 x 6-inch prints as well as five or seven megapixel cameras. As with purchasing faster computers consumers believe they are getting something for the extra megapixels - and they are - a need for more storage, slower downloads, more expensive memory cards. Unfortunately these are likely not what they want.

Winter in the Mohave

Taking a walk on Sunday I snapped a few pictures of Sandy Valley at sunset. Here's the start to 2005.

Image Surfing

In case folks are running out of time to do nothing here's an interesting way of taking a sort of global cross section of photography. Try doing a Google image search for something likeDSC_4321. It provides a cross section of many different types of photography and areas of interest. If there is nothing of interest then change the number and look again.


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