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Four arrested in Sandy Valley drug raid

The San Bernardino County Sun reports four people were arrested Wednesday in a raid of a weapons and drug cache. Karl Turner, 30, and Stacey Coday, 29, residents of the home on Krantz Road were arrested on suspicion of possessing drugs and stolen property. Albert Kelly, 50, and Larry Benge, 30, were also taken into custody after officers reported finding drugs in their possession.

Sandy Valley Motocross

ASW Enterprises, LLC, a Nevada LLC doing business as Sandy Valley Motocross located in Mesquite California received permits to begin operating a motocross track in the Spring of 2004. In the summer of 2004 the track's owners started operating lights to race and do track maintenance at night when the temperatures were lower.


Sandy Valley Citizens Advisory Council

News came from the Clark County Board of County Commissioners today that I was among the group appointed to the Sandy Valley Citizens Advisory Council at their meeting on Monday.

The opportunity to take my turn serving the community and giving something back is welcomed. Next week at our first meeting one of the issues that will be raised is the upcoming hearing (PDF) where the Sandy Valley Motor Cross track in San Bernardino County California, will be applying for changes to their use permit in order to change the number of spectators allowed, permit the use of lights and change the permitted operating hours. The hearing has been continued for a date on February 10.

This would likely not be a big issue at all. However, there is of course history. When the permits were granted they limited several factors related to the track. By the summer of 2004 the proprietor of the track had laid aside many of the provisions and operated outside the permitted hours, ran lights late into the night and ran afoul of the local community. Of course they did not run afoul of all of the community, but to some who took offense at the light pollution created by the track and raised other issues. By the end of the summer the lights were off, days were limited to the permitted days and the war of words was begun. The Sagebrush (now renamed the Sandy Valley News) had a series of letters to the editor. Pro and con the various sides weighed in.

Tool or cat toy?

Chris Pirillo seems to think that laser levels are designed to be used as tools to do productive work. After a day of rain and a night of more rain to follow, it seems there is an alternate use for them (maybe the primary use, who knows). Simply point it at the floor and move in circles. Within moments the cat will be neurotically chasing the red spot around on the floor. It is better than the old "chase your tail" game that was en vogue last week.

As alluded to above the rain is still coming. We just closed out a year of nearly twice the annual rainfall. We're very near the average monthly rainfall for January and there is plenty of this storm to go, not to mention a few more weeks of January. In the desert you never wish for less rain, at the same time it is rare you think that it has been a long time since things were dry.


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