Cowboy Christmas

We spent the last couple of days at the various Cowboy Christmas shows in Las Vegas. It is amazing how difficult these places make it to find information. There is a Cowboy Marketplace at the Mandalay Bay convention center. There are ads on plenty of taxi cabs in Vegas, but not a single page on their website says a word about it.

So I'll say a word about it. Skip it. The Ariat Country Christmas at the Sands Expo Convention Center is great. There's something for everybody and some great booths. The Marketplace, however, is more of the home shopping informercial in 3D than anything truly western. Sure there are some of the herbalist quacks at other places, but they, along with the massage pillows and food-processor sales make up most of the booths at the Marketplace.



The Marketplace

People spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to ply their ware at "The Marketplace" in Mandalay Bay during Cowboy Christmas and others say "skip it" Don't skip it. There a cowboy shops, trucks, boots, saddles, hats, and most everything else you'd find at the LV convention center and at the Sands. The statement that "massage pillows and food-processor sales make up most of the booths at the marketplace" is not true. Go there and see for yourself

I personally had a booth at

I personally had a booth at the Cowboy Marketplace. As a vendor spending the kind of money I did on this booth that was tucked off in the corner up against the horse trailers, (no traffic) was disappointing to say the least. They also had a marathon taking up parking for shoppers half of the time. As a shopper it looked to me like pretty much the same type things were for sale at the Convention Center, Sands, and Mandalay Bay. Certainly as a vendor I felt that the Cowboy Marketplace is only interested in the buck. Shame.

I went to all 3 last year

I went to all 3 last year and really liked the Cowboy Marketplace. The roper booth got away with about $500 out of my wallet alone. They are all great

cowboy market place

I agree with you 150% about this show I JUST CAME FROM THERE.IT WAS AWEFUL ,unless you are looking for overpriced swarovski crystals for your saddle & bridle !
The booths were WAYYYYYYYYY over priced for the type of things i was trying to sell ($6 handmade soaps and solid lotions). The customers wouldnt even look at my stuff and their cowboy children kept putting their garbage on my racks of product . I lost $2,000 doing this show.I even had tons of thefts for the 2 days that I was there. If you are selling something that a horse can wear,eat or crap into it might be worth the big bucks.If you handmake you own non horse stuff,DONT DO THIS SHOW !!!!! I cried all the way home from it ! such a disappointment

cowboy marketplace mandalay bay

All I can say is this show should not accept vendors not selling horse stuff just to fill the booths.They will feel cheated in the end,just like i did !
I was there 2 days and it was so pathetic I had to leave to keep from slashing my own wrists.The other non horse vendors looked they they were ready to do the same. I did not see ANY VENDOR that was selling non horse stuff selling anything.....EVER. And it makes me sad that the show organizers would do such a thing for a buck.They could have been patient and probably filled the booth spaces with horse only vendors,but took the wide road that leads to distruction instead,and that wrecks the show in the future for everyone. It seems to be whats happening in 99% of the big shows in our country.Organizers raking in the bucks ,while true artists get the short end of the stick. Our honesty and sense of character is what made this a great country and i am afraid for the sake of greed that we have lost that so some can get rich.Perhaps thats the saddest thing of all produced in this cowboy market place show.

Vendor selection

I completely agree. I don't know who arranges these shows, but I think they'd do well to select vendors more carefully. It's clear to see how many people were upset and disappointed by the show, and that never leads to good press about an event like this.

As a vendor you have to watch out for yourself

I'm a vendor too and I have been to the gift shows during the NFR as a tourist only, not in official capacity :) I agree, the booth spaces are pretty spendy. And I can understand the disappointment felt after a crappy show, I've been there too. And I agree, some show organizers are all about getting those booth fees paid and they really don't care who pays them. As a result, I research each new event myself to see if I'll fit in. I really appreciate the organizers who are truely concerned with how I will do at their show and try to be as accomodating to me as possible.

Vendors at Cowboy Christmas

I am trying to find a list of what vendors are where......does anyone know where to find this ?

Re: Vendors at Cowboy Christmas

The 2008 Cowboy Christmas page has links to each show. In the past those sites have included some vendor information but I haven't seen it posted yet.

Joshua, I so would appreciate

Joshua, I so would appreciate any help you can provide. I'm been searching an I'm just not able to locate it. Thank you

customer info

So now that everyone understands what us vendors have to put out to do a booth like at the NFR's, it's important to not act as though you're at a flea market. I just about die when customers want to knock me down in price! Very very few of us are as loaded as we're perceived... As for the Mandalay Bay, we do really well there, it took a few years to build up the biz, but I couldn't agree more that the "pitch product" booths are a huge thorn in my side.

If you are at a venue for the

If you are at a venue for the National Finals Rodeo what do you think people will be buying? Horse stuff.

I love the Mandalay Bay location because of it's wide isles and high ceilings and free parking. As a vendor I always investigate who will be attending the events I go to and make a decision where to go. I do wish Group W would eliminate more of the carny type vendors.

Alpaca Rugs

My sister bought an alpaca rug at the Mandalay Bay event several years ago and I want one. I am curious to find any info on vendors at different sites. If anyone knows about the rugs or vendors at different sites help me out. Always like to meet a new artist and see their work as well.

Looking for Vendors

I have a mobile tack shop. Is Vegas, during NFR, a good place to go to look for products? And do vendors offer wholesale buying if for a business?