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Unnecessary attachments in email aren’t just inefficient they’re a sign the recipent’s time isn’t valuable and the… months 1 week ago
Last year they were still claiming to be “monthly” and that I’d get every issue… months 3 weeks ago
It’s kinda a bad sign when you get a 1099 document on your REI dividend. — 8 months 3 weeks ago
There could be worse days. months 5 days ago
Hello old friend months 1 week ago
That time when your 8yo asks to have the radio news on to go to sleep starts contrasting BBC World Service coverage… months 2 weeks ago
So email used to be fine but has decided to break their site and silently reject valid email addresses… months 2 weeks ago
The page describing mobile use of a web application where said page isn’t setup to display a readable version on mobile. — 9 months 3 weeks ago
Just in thyme for the holiday! Happy Holidays 🌲✨⛄️ months 3 weeks ago
Most excellent. So many strengths but the music so masterful. — 10 months 4 days ago