Komodo's 4.3 Drupal Goodness and Wishlist

Andre posts about Drupal specific snippets coming with the next version of Active State's Komodo IDE. I started using Komodo after the 50 tips and tricks podcast and haven't looked back. Sure I still fire up BBedit for the odd job here and there, but for coding everything from PHP to HTML and CSS Komodo is my tool of choice these days.

With that said there is one Eclipse feature that I'm particularly jealous of. The patch handling features of Eclipse are outstanding. While the snippets will likely be handy there are already pretty simple ways of doing this using things like the module builder module or creating one's own templates in Komodo today. Perhaps some uber-patching features will be included in Komodo 4.4. Unfortunately it looks like that would be another year in the making if the past release schedule is an indication. Nevertheless Komodo will continue to be a tool that runs continuously on my computer.




You are 100% right about the patch handling in Eclipse but I do believe Komodo will catch up with it
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I'm glad someone is paying attention to the new features in the K4.3. If you don't mind, I'd love more detail on what you mean by Eclipse's 'patching' features? Is this dealing with generating patches using CVS/SVN, or something else? Feel free to email me directly.

As well, we're looking at releasing Komodo 4.4 this calendar year, just so you know. =)

Eclipse Patching

Great news about 4.4 being released this year.

Eclipse has some really nice features for doing diffs on files and applying patches. Even if the patch won't apply correctly it will show you on the screen side by side the patch and the best guess as to where it should be applied. My luck in setting up Eclipse has been limited to say the least but I've seen it demonstrated a few times and it seems to look a lot like BBedit's visual diff functions. It would be great as well (and I don't remember if Eclipse does this) to have visual CVS/SVN diff function to be able to preview the changes coming from the source control system.

Have you tried EasyEclipse?

Getting Eclipse going for anything beyond Java can be a challenge, but I rather like EasyEclipse (http://www.easyeclipse.org/) for, well, easy Eclipse. It is essentially an Eclipse distro that includes a variety of plugins and runs on Linux, Mac, and Windows. I use the LAMP distro on all 3 platforms to get access to my projects via CVS (Subversion is also available).
OTOH, I've been meaning top take a look at Komodo, soon as I get a minute:)

On the someday list

Easy Eclipse is on my list to try someday. I landed on Komodo before I'd found EasyEclipse so I haven't looked at it yet but when I find that proverbial minute :)