All I needed to learn in PHP I learned in Drupal

Last weekend I ventured to Bellingham Washington for a beautiful weekend at LinuxFest Northwest. All and all it was a great weekend. The weather cooperated and the meeting was wonderful.

Along the way I bought some tickets for the LinuxFest raffle. By chance one of those was a winning ticket and the prize included picking from some great titles. I'll write more about these great titles soon. First however, the title that wound up to be a disappointment. I picked up a copy of [amazon 1593271735 inline]. From the title I was hoping to find some wicked cool stuff in it.

A busy evening in Boise

A busy night in Boise tonight. So many great meetings and opportunities to choose from. The Idaho Press Club has a forum on the impact of the internet on television. Meanwhile over here at the Washington Group building the Boise Web Technologies meetup is hearing about PHPUnit testing and Zend Framework from Brad Benner and Rich Benton.

APC for PHP on Mac OS X

In talking to a fellow Drupaler recently I realized I'd started to setup APC on the server some many months ago and then was sidetracked before it got done. A quick search revealed this article has the necessary steps. (PECL installation doesn't quite work on OS X using the Entropy PHP distribution).

Previous experience in web design is also required

Had this ad been posted on April 1st it would have been a really funny joke. Posted late in the month it is more funny sad than funny ha ha. Sadly this is not made up but a real ad posted by a real law school. This could turn into the right opportunity for someone with a solid Drupal developer. Unfortunately for the law school in question it does not bode well.

As is the case in many shops this will be a one-person web shop. By itself this is not a bad deal. The challenge will be getting a good person. Unfortunately the advertisement suggests the organization understands very little about what to expect from this position. What is best about this advertisement is the line "[K]nowledge of a web programming language is required
(ColdFusion or Dreamweaver)."
Sigh. If the school is really lucky they'll get a good Drupaler to apply and come explain in easy to understand terms what the school needs.

Senior Web Developer - Law School

This position will design, test, and implement websites, including
designing databases, web-interfaces, and reports for the Law School. While the
Director will be kept abreast of all activities (for purpose of approval,
particularly informational and/or content issues) related to Web resources,
most of the technological and operational aspects of the sites will be the full
responsibility of this position.

Requirements: Bachelor's degree in Information Technology,
Information Systems, Computer Science, Computer Engineering or a closely

Komodo's 4.3 Drupal Goodness and Wishlist

Andre posts about Drupal specific snippets coming with the next version of Active State's Komodo IDE. I started using Komodo after the 50 tips and tricks podcast and haven't looked back. Sure I still fire up BBedit for the odd job here and there, but for coding everything from PHP to HTML and CSS Komodo is my tool of choice these days.

With that said there is one Eclipse feature that I'm particularly jealous of. The patch handling features of Eclipse are outstanding. While the snippets will likely be handy there are already pretty simple ways of doing this using things like the module builder module or creating one's own templates in Komodo today. Perhaps some uber-patching features will be included in Komodo 4.4. Unfortunately it looks like that would be another year in the making if the past release schedule is an indication. Nevertheless Komodo will continue to be a tool that runs continuously on my computer.

CSV Parser for PHP

This is a snippet of code that I had posted on another of my websites and in doing some cleanup it really fits better here.

I spent last evening working on a Comma Separated Values (CSV) list of titles for a project I'm working on. Below is a snippet of code I worked with. The first method from the suggests using . That woks pretty well but the native function in PHP doesn't handle values (fields) that contain separators (commas) very well and doesn't have the concept of multiple values being delimited by a different delimiter within a field. So I whipped up the parser that comes second in the example below.


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