Back on the horse

So I'm slowly getting back up to speed following the post-Drupalcon bug that so many seemed to be catching. Easter weekend brought about releases in a couple of new projects. The Forum Thread module got a beta release. A few bugs have already come to light as have a few feature requests that will get on the list. Many thanks to for supporting development of this module.

Another project that I didn't start but have recently started to lend a hand with is a great theme project that started as a part of Summer of Code 2007. The Light Fantastic theme is a great theme that we use on the business website. The initial release has some bugs that need to be worked out and I'll be rolling up the changes I made to get it into shape for a release soon. This is a theme that lucksy created as a part of summer of code. (Hint! Hint! Summer of Code rocks... Be sure to read more about Google Summer of Code.)

It sucks to have the bug but it's great to be getting back on the fast track. Lots of yummy Drupal in the future.