Hank the cow dog cover As is apt to happen, being a parent, I was recently listening to a bit of a Hank the Cowdog story in which the canine protagonist is describing being in the heart of a thunderstorm. In typical hyperbolic fashion he likens it to being bombarded by eighty-eight artillery.

This seems oh so very appropriate for a Monday morning as it describes well the feeling of wanting to yell incoming while tip-toeing through one's email box.

Writing at the speed of life

A friend and childhood neighbor reminded me today of the importance of just doing it when it comes to writing. There are so many reasons to wait to get the tools and things in place. To get everything just so. I've been collecting things in several places over time but none should be a reason not to make the writing the habit. And so it is time to just do it.

Hello World???

Seems like I need a Hello World post... OK so it's not really a new site or blog it is, however, that I've been up to my alligators in travel and projects for the last many weeks and haven't been posting much. Finally things are returning to a more sane state and I'll get a chance to spend a little more time in these parts. First up I have a few presentations to post and then to get caught up. For a quick look at some of what June included check out this video.

Where did the time go

Somehow we've fast-forwarded the clocks and it is now the middle of February already. So many projects to get done have been waiting for attention. Fortunately now that there's a little time to breathe I'll get some of them going. The photo a day will soon get posted and the redesign of the blog will roll out just before Drupalcon to celebrate six years of this particular instance of Drupal.

Back on the horse

So I'm slowly getting back up to speed following the post-Drupalcon bug that so many seemed to be catching. Easter weekend brought about releases in a couple of new projects. The Forum Thread module got a beta release. A few bugs have already come to light as have a few feature requests that will get on the list. Many thanks to for supporting development of this module.

Another project that I didn't start but have recently started to lend a hand with is a great theme project that started as a part of Summer of Code 2007. The Light Fantastic theme is a great theme that we use on the business website. The initial release has some bugs that need to be worked out and I'll be rolling up the changes I made to get it into shape for a release soon. This is a theme that lucksy created as a part of summer of code. (Hint! Hint! Summer of Code rocks... Be sure to read more about Google Summer of Code.)

It sucks to have the bug but it's great to be getting back on the fast track. Lots of yummy Drupal in the future.

Things you forget you've done

I was reminded by stumbling across this page about some testing work I did a few years ago. Funny how a few years can pass and something that was so urgent and important at the time is no longer even on my list of memories.


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