C7 and 22

We have a couple of vending machines at work that are chronically ill. The first, a Pepsi bottle dispenser has a constant full row of bottles. The remainder of the machine can be empty but C7 will remain full. At some point one might believe the vending machine operator might get the wiser and figure out the machine errantly says the row is sold out. Several months have passed and the problem persists.

On the other end there is another machine with slot 22. Slot 22 is consistently filled with the last tantalizing bag of Cheetos. The rest of the machine is largely full and only the Cheetos are so low. The bag remains stuck, as it has been for several weeks. When do people stop looking at such things.

Numbers kind of day

It's been a numbers kind of morning. Last evening though I took a stroll down memory lane. Working in the garage yesterday I found several old notebooks I'd been casually looking for. Seventeen years ago today I was on the way to see my orthodontist. Was scribbling jokes down in a note book... apparently those heard on the radio? It's interesting to see what I was writing back then. In one entry I have the soliloquy from Hamlet... "To be or not to be..." the minds of 13-year olds!

The week ahead

The week ahead promises to be quieter than that just passed. Friday brought a trip to Wichita, Kansas. I didn't see enough of the town to comment much on it. We had very productive meetings on Friday. Now for the follow up. It will come and things will be even better moving forward. We got back just in time for a quick nap and setting up for the LCSAR practice search. All went well and today was a day of recouping and catching up on e-mail.

Coming this week will be a redesign of the template and a clean up of the site. Monday or Tuesday I hope to wirte about the Tidbits CMS question and get some pictures posted.

I had the first trouble ever with the Cannon Sure Shot this weekend. All and all I lost about 30 pictures that I know were on the card when it downloaded but were not downloaded. Bob will be happy.

Easter but not quite

It's Easter but it doesn't realy feel like it. Google doesn't have it's spring/Easter face on today. The Easter Bunny brought Kelsey many gems this morning as the clan headed out for the journey across the continental divide.


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