Using iPad to hold your photos while on vacation

Working on computer on the roadA family member recently sent a question to my wife about how to keep photos safe while traveling.

And speaking of road trips, we are heading to Hawaii and are planning on getting an iPad for entertainment along the way. We are wondering if you have used your iPad as a photo transfer station from your EyeFi card to your iPhoto at home. Does it work that way? We don't have a laptop, so we were thinking an EyeFi card would allow us to take pictures and upload them to our iPad (and ultimately our computer) for safe keeping. Or, would we be better off taking the card to the local Costco to get a cd made to make sure we have the pics safe and sound? Thank you for any insight you might be able to offer.

This is a workflow I've spent quite a bit of time on over the years. My thinking is definitely affected by two instances of losing photos I'd really like to have back.

The first instance where I lost photos was years ago on a business trip to Wichita of all places. I'd taken some photos on the plane as well as some pretty nice sunset photos. I'd reviewed them on the camera's (tiny by modern standards) screen and shared them with colleagues on the trip. When I downloaded the photos I didn't notice that the card was evidently corrupted in some way and only a portion of the photos were saved to the computer. Thinking that all was well the card was formatted and I went on shooting. Had I caught it in time I could have likely used some card recovery software and gotten back at least some of the photos.

iPhoto to Aperture migration?

There have been a crop of resources about migrating from iPhoto to Aperture or using the two applications together lately. I'll be taking a look as I've been using iPhoto of late to manage the photo libraries and would be interested in using Aperture some more. Today's link is to an Apple webinar on the topic. The June 2007 Macworld also has an article but the magazine is not posted on the company's site yet. Sometime soon I hope to settle on one of these tools or iView Media Pro as a means for organizing our large photo collection. As conceptualized at this point I see putting the media on a shared drive attached to an Airport Extreme base station as a shared disk.

The other shared disk will be devoted to getting rid of paper and scanning it all into a central storage location.

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