People love to sue Apple

People love to sue Apple concludes a note on one of the most recent suits today. I had the same thought over the weekend. My weekend found me paying a relatively large sum of money for a new electric razor. The problem is that my old cordless razor doesn't have a user replaceable battery. If it was an iPod there'd be folks lined up to the end of the block to report how unfair the treatment and wanting to jump on a class-action law suit. But suing Phillips isn't nearly as sexy as suing Apple.

iPhone in the car

According to a comment in a post at Engadget it appears there may be a way to get the Belkin Auto Kit to work with the iPhone. I haven't been so fortunate. It appears (as the article suggests) to charge but it steadfastly refuses to play audio through the dock connector.

On the other hand having lived through Treo smart phones it is great to have a device that handles connecting and transferring Bluetooth calls as well as this does. Talk in the phone and press the button on the headset and the call is transfered seamlessly. A thing of beauty.

Airport Express gone bad

While working this evening I turned on music throughout the house. Sadly the living room didn't come alive with music. During the investigation I noticed that with nothing plugged in the Airport Express was still sending out an optical signal. After a bit of thought it occurred to me that the sensor that senses whether a min-jack or an optical jack are plugged in, was likely stuck. Sure enough a gentle probing with a small screwdriver and it was again working as advertised.

The vibrating iPhone problem

One of our iPhones was vibrating whenever you placed a call. That wouldn't necessarily be so bad but it continued to vibrate the entire duration of the call. Ever held a vibrating phone to your ear and tried to carry on a conversation? Fortunately powering off and back on solved the problem but it is odd to say the least.

iPhone impressions

So it is the thing to do these days. Posting one's impressions of the iPhone.

Oddly in explaining why he is not getting one now Adam Engst sums up much of my joy over the phone:

The cost becomes especially steep here in upstate New York, where cell service is fairly spotty. I'm sure the iPhone would get fine reception in downtown Ithaca and at Cornell, but all bets are off once you go more than a few miles out of town. Poor reception promotes a feedback cycle - if you can't rely on having access wherever you are, you stop thinking about using the cell phone unless it's absolutely necessary.


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