iPhone diagnostic information

My iPhone crashed. Or so it says. I never noticed the problem and couldn't tell you when it happened. But upon plugging it in to the computer tonight I saw the screen below.
iPhone error message

While it appears true that there is not personal information in the log files there is a treasure trove of information that I'm equally certain that there will soon be folks figuring out how to mine and use that information. In the meantime it is another great example of a good user interface that makes it easy to provide feedback that will hopefully make iPhone 2.0 even better.

On a related note since Apple names its computer operating systems after big cats one wonders if the next version of the iPhone operating system will be Siamese or Manx. Personally I vote for Abyssinian.


Greetings from the iLine Las Vegas version. We'll soon see what the iPhone is like.

Signature Suit

We stopped in the Apple Store yesterday for another bad battery on a MacBook. While there we asked about whether they had a Signature Suit case from Case Mate. It turns out they did not but when they saw the one on my MacBook they asked if they could borrow it for a moment and when I said yes they quickly took it on a tour of the store. It was quite a hit and makes the computer look really sharp. Perhaps soon they'll be carrying them. And perhaps soon there will be a brown saddle-leather version as well.

Mac mini office desktop

Until recently I'd been running Parallels to the exclusion of Boot Camp. Over the last few days I've had occasion to configure a colleague's laptop with Boot Camp and I must say the process is impressive. Like so many things it makes Windows XP much more an "it just works" machine vs. the "plug and pray" norm for Microsoft. The process is so smooth that it looks like we may replace our "other brand" machines with Mac Mini's running Windows XP and save money in the process. Apple is sending over a couple of demo units next week which we'll use for extensive testing of the imaging process to get it down pat but this option looks really good.

It would be great if Apple had a monitor that was more price competitive. The Cinema Displays are absolutely gorgeous. But they are too pricey for the cost conscious business world.

No Netflix for Macs

TUAW: "No Netflix Watch Now for the Mac"Me: Who cares?I am a Mac user and a Netflix subscriber. My intuition tells me that in five years there is a pretty good chance I'll be a Mac user and no longer a Netflix subscriber. Netflix has revolutionized the DVD rental business. Somehow they managed to then rest on their laurels and are now left to play catch-up.  Apple TV will soon be upon us and will be yet another revolution the likes of TiVO and increasingly users will have more choices. In this environment companies who choose to bring out hardware limited services will suffer.


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