Last Movie?

We went last evening and saw what will be the last movie I'll see in theaters for a long time. The problem isn't the movie - the latest Harry Potter movie is pretty good - it is the lousy experience of theaters today. Somewhere along the line the teenie-bopper behind us was never taught manners. Simple little things like not yelling throughout the movie. Mind you I'm not saying one shouldn't scream or laugh, rather that editorializing on the movie throughout in a loud voice is not conducive for the rest of the audience having a good time.

Throughout the movie I found myself wondering at the parent that would raise such a child. Imagine my surprise to see, after the movie, that one of her parents was sitting next to her. Thanks, I think I'll continue to wait for the DVD to come out. Sure I have to pop my own popcorn but it's healthier anyway.

Batman Begins

Having just seen a post calling Batman Begins the best super-hero movie that has been produced I'd have to agree. I saw most of it a couple of weeks ago on the plane and we watched the whole thing last evening. The movie succeeds not only as a great super-hero movie but is great storytelling.

We also watched Star Wars Episode III a couple of nights ago. It is easily the best of the prequels and the only of the trio that is not an embarrassment to the original trilogy. The only challenge will be explaining to the kids why the droids in Episode III are so much more advanced than those in Episode IV.

Episode III - Maybe it doesn't stink

A. O. Scott suggests writes in Monday's New York Times that there ishope the new Star Wars movie Episode III - Revenge of the Sith might not be a complete loss. Actually Scott goes further and says it is the best Star Wars movie that George Lucas has directed, topping even the original Star Wars and approaching the ranks of The Empire Strikes Back. I haven't decided yet if I'll let myself be taken in. Episodes I and II were so bad as to have made me hesitant to be optimistic.

H2G2 Hit and a miss

Fresh from seeing the new Hitchhiker's Guide To the Galaxy movie I thought I'd come home and write a great review. As is oft the case, however, I found that it has already been done very well. The BBC review covers the subject very nicely. A nice, if quirky adaption of the story that most Hitchhiker's fans will likely appreciate and chuckle at a time or two and will be lost on the unread or unheard masses.

The bottom line is this is a good movie and Hitchhiker's fans won't be nearly as disappointed as the Star Wars generation will be in a couple of weeks. Since there was an Episode III trailer I'm now more convinced that Episode III might be a tiny (but only a tiny) fraction better than the last two disappointments. Some posts suggest it might be better. The trailer, however, suggests it tries, once again to strike a balance between the original trilogy's heavy battle story-lines and the lighter storytelling. Episode I and Episode II have proven a failure in this regard. The trailer offers little reason for different expectations of this installment. When the trailer has more talking heads than the PBS News Hour one has to wonder.

Thanks to the BBC I now know where to find the Hitchhiker's Guide To the Galaxy on my Treo phone. This will lead to many fine hours of exploration.

Best Oscars yet

Chris Rock was the greatest host of the Oscars. Truth be told part of the reason he was so good was how much of he show I watched. Roughly 0%. Nada. The wonderful thing is realizing that I also didn't miss a thing. With the write ups on blogs and the countless retellings that are bound to be included in the news this week I'll be treated to much more than I'd ever care to know.

Regal cinemas at Sunset Station

This is pretty annoying. We're waiting to see National Treasure at a Regql Cinemas theater. More than thirty minutes before the show the TV type ads have begun. I won't be back here.

It would also be nice to have a mobile blogging platform with spell check!


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